Rocky Espinoza

Rocky Espinoza

February 3, 2018


German Shepherd Beagle Mix


Nicest, kindest, fanciest, classiest, sweetest, loyalest, smartest boy ever! Best dog ever! MY LIFE!

Special Memory

God brought you into our life in 2004, and took you to rest in 2018. He let us have you (almost) 14 years.We will have you and your memories in our hearts forever. Your spirit is still with us, and always will be, it is all around us. We miss you indescribably, and the heartache is unbearable. But we know there is hope of salvation and eternity thru CHRIST, and we believe ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, Amen! Run free in heaven baby king, until we meet again. Watch over us, we will look up to you. We love you forever, your love lives on with us forever. You are in God's arms now my king.
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