Emergency Afterhours

Regular Facility Hours vs Emergency After Hours

In case of any emergency call our toll free or local number at any hour. We are available to take your call 24/7.

Toll Free: (855) PAW-SPET or (855) 729-7738

Local: (310) 915-1166

Our Regular Facility Hours of Operation are between 9am - 6pm.

- During these hours any pet family can drop off their pet without an appointment. All walk ins are welcomed.

-You may also schedule a pick up at your home or your pet hospital.

-Please allow enough notice before our closing time to avoid additional afterhours fees. Our last pick up appointment is usually between 4-5pm depending on the distance.

-Also, be advised that picking up at a pet hospital is subject to the hospital's business hours. (For example, an emergency clinic typically only opens between 6pm - 8am, therefore this would need to be an afterhours pick up.)

Our Emergency After Hours are between 6pm - 11pm

-During these hours the facility is closed to walk ins and an appointment is required.

-A $20 afterhours appointment fee applies to all after hours appointments, whether you are dropping off or we are picking up your pet.

-Pet families may still drop off their pet to our facility but an appointment is required. Be advised a $20 appointment fee applies. A paws representative will reopen our facility for your appointment.

-Pet families may schedule a pick up at their home or hospital. An appointment is required. A $20 afterhours fee applies. Afterhours pick up fees apply and depend on distance.

-Be advised afterhours appointments are first come, first serve. Please allow enough notice to guarantee an appointment.

After Hours Pick Up Fees
1-10 miles…$20 + $20 afterhours fee
11-15 miles…$30 + $20 afterhours fee
16-20 miles…$40 + $20 afterhours fee
21-25 miles…$50 + $20 afterhours fee
26-30 miles…$60 + $20 afterhours fee
31-35 miles…$70 + $20 afterhours fee
36-40 miles…$80 + $20 afterhours fee
41-45 miles…$90 + $20 afterhours fee
46-50 miles…$100 + $20 afterhours fee
50+miles please call

***Valid through 2018

What happens if my pet passes away in the middle of the night? (after 11pm and before 9am)

-Remember, our phone number is 24 hours and you can call in with any questions/assistance.

At Home Care

-Find a towel, sheet, or blanket that can be disposed of.

-Be aware that sometimes fluids are released when a pet passes. Avoid excessive moving around. Using gloves is recommended.

-Place your pet on top of the towel, sheet, blanket or place on their bed. Disposable liners recommended.

-It is best to keep your pet inside if possible to keep insects away. Especially during hot temperatures.

-Make sure to keep your pet inside and as cool as possible. If necessary use ice packs below towel to keep cool. Nothing drastic will happen overnight these steps are only for extra precaution.