Grief Counselors

Are You Grieving the Loss of a Pet?

Losing a Pet Can be Devastating

Coping with pet loss can be as difficult as – or sometimes even more difficult than – coping with the loss of a human friend or relative. In grieving the loss of a pet you’re grieving the loss of a beloved family member. It’s no wonder the grief and sadness can be so strong.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or isolated by the intensity of your grief, please be aware that there are grief counselors available who specialize in pet bereavement. If you need help coping with pet loss, consider reaching out to one of the professionals listed below.

How Grief Counselors Can Help

A grief counselor can help you work through your grief, begin to heal, and find the “new normal” in your life.

After the loss of a pet many people find themselves grieving alone, because the grief they are experiencing is not always validated in our society. Feeling that your grief is somehow “unacceptable” can make it even harder to bear. A pet grief counselor understands the uniqueness of a person’s relationship with a pet companion – and the unique nature of the grief that people feel when they lose this companionship. A pet grief counselor has the training and experience to help you find your path through to healing.

Individual and Group Counseling is Available

Some grief counselors offer individual counseling sessions (in person or by telephone), some offer group counseling sessions, and many provide both. Regardless of the format, the goal is to provide a safe and accepting setting and understanding support to help those who are coping with pet loss to get through the grief process.

Recommended Grief Counselors

The following professionals all specialize in helping people cope with pet loss:

ASPCA Pet Loss Support Hotline

(877) 474-3310


Dr. Jeffrey Crausman, Ph.D.

Pet Loss Bereavement Specialist

250 N Robertson Blvd, Suite 407
Beverly Hills, CA

(310) 285-6650


Claire Chew, M.A.
Life Transitions Coach
Pet Loss Grieving Specialist/Grief Recovery Counselor



Sandy Smith

Psychic, Medium, Pet Communicator

Glendale, CA 90065

(562) 708-7345