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Pet Euthanasia: A Difficult but Sometimes Necessary Choice

What is Best for Your Pet?

Making the heart-wrenching decision to euthanize a cherished pet is never easy. Sometimes, though, dog euthanasia or cat euthanasia is truly the most humane decision you can make.

Perhaps your furry companion has a terminal illness and is clearly suffering. Maybe things have gotten to the point where he or she no longer has any quality of life…and there’s no real way to turn that around. Pets can’t tell you that it’s time, but sometimes they have ways of showing you. Yes, it’s excruciatingly difficult but in circumstances like these, pet euthanasia may be the kindest and most loving decision you can make.

Pet Euthanasia is Painless and Humane

Many people worry and wonder about exactly how the procedure is done. Will it be frightening for my pet? Will it be painful?

Unfortunately, we cannot promise that the process will not be frightening for your pet. The truth is, many animals have a “sixth sense” about this type of thing. Others may pick up on your anxiety, or simply be frightened by the medical setting (if you choose to have the procedure done at a veterinarian’s office).

But while we cannot promise that the process will not be frightening, we can assure you that the procedure itself is painless. Pet euthanasia is done through two injections. The only thing your pet will feel is the needle of the first injection, which will literally put them to sleep. This is probably why pet euthanasia is commonly referred to as “putting your pet to sleep.” Once your pet is sleeping peacefully the euthanizing injection will be made.

Throughout the entire process you will be able to stay at your pet’s side providing love and comfort.

We Can Help You Arrange for Your Pet to Pass Away at Home

Although pet euthanasia is most commonly done in the veterinarian’s office, many pet parents don’t realize that it can also be done at home. Home euthanasia allows your pet to be surrounded by loved ones in the warmth and privacy of home. Your home can be a much more comforting environment for both your pet and your family. Later, when you look back on the day, your memories will be of a peaceful passing at home rather than in a medical environment.

Paws Pet Cremation can make all of the necessary arrangements for dog or cat euthanasia to take place in your home. Then, after you’ve said your goodbyes, we will transport your pet back to our facility for individual cremation.

We Can Help You Arrange for Pet Euthanasia at a Veterinarian’s Office

Although many people prefer the idea of having cat or dog euthanasia done at home, others would rather not have memories of their home associated with this emotionally difficult experience. If this is the case for you, traditional pet euthanasia in a medical setting may be the best option.

Paws Pet Cremation maintains a list of recommended veterinarians in Los Angeles. We can help you make the necessary arrangements, and then transport your pet back to our facility for individual cremation.

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