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A PRIVATE or INDIVIDUAL Cremation is a cremation procedure during which only one animal’s body is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation process. We believe it is the single approach in assuring your pet is cremated respectfully and guarantees that the remains you receive are only those of your pet.

Personal Cremation Service Package

-Includes a private cremation, white temporary urn and certificate of private cremation.

Small Animals $60
Small animals that may not produce a paw print or fur clip.

1-10 lbs…..$85
11-25 lbs…..$125
26-50 lbs…..$155
51-75 lbs…..$200
76-100 lbs…..$245
101-300 lbs…..$280

Signature Cremation Service Package

-Includes a private cremation, cedar wood urn, ink paw print keepsake, fur clip keepsake, certificate of private cremation and complimentary pick up within a 10 miles radius of our facility.

Small Animals $139
Small animals that may not produce a paw print or fur clip.

1-10 lbs…..$179
11-25 lbs…..$199
26-50 lbs…..$239
51-75 lbs…..$279
76-100 lbs…..$319
101-300 lbs…..$349

Split Cremation…..$45

This option is when the cremated remains are divided for separate households, siblings..etc. This is common when it is a family pet that has passed and the family of separate households would like their own memorial. This includes an additional cedar urn, fur clip keepsake and paw print.

Witness Appointment…..$75

At Paws Pet Cremation, pet owners are allowed to be present prior to and during the cremation of their animal and during the removal of the cremated remains from the chamber. An appointment is required. We accept witnessing appointments 7 days a week between 9am – 3:30pm.

Viewing Appointment…..FREE

If you need to hold a memorial service at our facility we provide a tranquil space for pet family’s and special guests. An appointment is required. For more information. Click Here».

Online Memorial…..FREE

This is offered on our website where you can upload a photo and nice memory of your beloved pet to be shared on our website with other pet families and/or on your email and social medias with your close friends and relatives. To view current memorials Click Here».

Priority Cremation…..$50

Our standard turnover time is 3 days. This fee applies if you require a same or next day cremation. A same day cremation is possible if your pet is brought into our facility before 12pm, if not will be performed next day. Appointment required.

Storage Fee…..$15 per day

This fee is only applied when a pet is held at our facility for more than 5 days by a pet family’s request.

Can PAWS Pick Up My Pet?

*YES. All pick ups can be done same or next day with at least 3 hours of notice between the hours of 9am – 11pm. This all depends on the current schedule. Please call us at our 24hr line (855) 729-7738 for the next available appointment.

Pick up fees are determined by the distance from our facility to your home or vet hospital. Be advised the first 10 miles are FREE with our signature package unless your pick up is scheduled during our afterhours.

Paws Pet Cremation can pick up from your home, vet hospital or you are welcomed to transport directly to our facility.

Business Hours pick up apply between the hour of 9am – 6pm

Afterhours pick up apply between the hour of 6pm – 11pm

Afterhours Appointment…..$20

If you would like to bring your pet down to our facility yourself after our regular business hours, please call and make an appointment for a Paws representative to open and meet you at our facility. Afterhours means anytime after or before our regular business hours of 9am – 6pm.

How do I retrieve my pet's cremated remains?

Delivery is optional and subject to a fee. Pet families are welcomed to pick up their pets remains from our facility at any time during our regular business hours. No appointment is necessary.

For further questions, call, email or chat with us.
(855) 729-7738

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