Let Your Love Grow

Additional Options for Your Pet’s Cremains

The decision regarding what to do with your pet’s cremains is a deeply personal one. While many choose to keep their pet’s cremated ashes in an urn or other container, others prefer to explore other options. Paws Pet Cremation offers:

Let Your Love Grow
“Let Your Love Grow” Remembrance Planting

Having a remembrance planting in your home or garden is a wonderful way to honor your pet’s memory. The founders of Let Your Love Grow have created a unique organic planting mixture designed to be mixed with some of the ashes of your pet’s cremains. The staff at Paws Pet Cremation can use this to create a special potted plant for you, or can provide the mixture to you for use in your garden at home. Nourished by your pet’s cremated ashes, an ordinary plant can become a living symbol of your pet’s life.